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Best of Oldschool & Pre-EOC

A refreshing new RuneScape private server built to keep you entertained for endless hours! Join now
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Smooth bug-free gameplay

Agonoth has all the normal features of a server. All our content is created to a high standard and works as intended.
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A unique blend of everything

Our server are content is never before seen, it contains many of the key moments that made RuneScape great!
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  • Agonoth is currently under construction!
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      • Hi,

        The download link is not available....

      • Introduction

        Hello friends, welcome to our community! Agonoth is a brand new Runescape private server, rsps that has been in the development for a long time now. Our server has all the features you would expect from a top quality RSPS. We welcome you to our community of friends and look forward to seeing you in game!

        Please create an account on the forums and use that to log in.

        Your display name will be your in-game username

        System Requirements

        The only requirement to play is that you already have Java which most computers do.

        Download the latest version of Java here if you experience any issues while running the client.



        If for any reason you experience issues with the launcher above, please try the direct link to the client (without launcher). The only problem with this way is the client doesn't auto update and is not as optimised.


        Create a new .bat or .sh file if you are on MAC.

        java -jar -Xms128m -Xmx1024m Agonoth-1.0.jar


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