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  • 09/12/2020 - 11/12/2020

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    Hi welcome to the developer logs.

    This is where I will detail my experience about our journey and future plans. I'll try to keep these posted up regularly so you can always know where I'm at and also the game.


    After much contemplating I decided to make a rsps server. Don't get me wrong this will not be an easy task. So far I am solo on the project so it takes a lot of motivation to get things done! In spite of that, I manage to:

    • Set up forums and homepage
    • Link the forums to in game so you can manage your account, reset your password easily 
    • Register the server on all topsites
    • Sort out advertising and gold memberships
    • Get the game all ready to play except a few small things

    So after all that things went well, we saw a few new faces. It really motivated me to see new people join and enjoy playing the game.


    This was my first proper day playing the game (as a player), I leveled up my stats to about level 60, everything so far is smooth. I am confident the server will get very popular! Highlights of day was meeting even more friends at this early time 🙂


    Weekend yes! I mean.. OK its really time to get planning! 

    Starting off, there was an issue with the client download link. That is now resolved.

    Release party is moved to 18th Decemeber 2020 - this is so we can actually have enough people for the event!

    I have started to fill the forums with guides to help people play. Guides on skilling, minigames, combat etc. Its still all a skeleton at the moment. However I plan to add more details to them as the time goes on and I get more time (feel free to make your own guides too!)

    The other major objective of this week is to get a few things on the website connected:

    1. The vote script
    2. The donate script
    3. Keep on making guides

    Still working on the above for completion by 13/12/2020-14/12/2020

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